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Blue Planet Pharma Corp. Logo The Blue Planet Box is an upcoming quarterly subscription service featuring the products of Bue Planet Pharma Corp. and its divisions, including Planet Leaf and Devils Lube. Like our products it is Just Naturally Vegan.

Save over 50% off purchasing the items separately.

The box will also offer select related products from third parties to keep it interesting. Subscribers will be able to pick certain categories of preferences to have their box customized. We naturally are not going to reveal our entire business plan before we are ready to launch.

The Blue Planet Box is a service for men. We do not plan to have a women's version. That market is rather saturated. Our box will also be more on the edge (more fun and exciting) than the conventional box services. We are not doing a weekly box because we think that is too much -- especially for a male audience -- and as it has too high of a price. We do not intend to be just a subscription box service, so quarterly is just fine with us, allowing us to introduce new products and concepts to our core market without it becoming overwhelming for our customers or for us as a small company.

Our main sites will allow customers to order automatic refills of our herbal products. There are some products that have too low of a value to provide that way, so instead the personalized selections you can make for the box allow us to send you personal products as part of the box subscription. That is a much more economical way to purchase them and we don't have to charge you shipping on a tiny 60ml bottle for example. You can save up to 50%.

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