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Blue Planet Storage makes the lives of the 100 million Americans who move or store easier by bringing storage right to their door and moving it conveniently, thus alleviating the time, cost, and hassle usually associated with moving and storing. Blue Planet Storage has created all the tools necessary for you to take part in the evolution of an industry.

Example of Mobile Storage Container available in Key West, FL. Why Blue Planet?

Consumers demand convenience. Just look at the microwave oven, GPS services, the Internet, and now portable storage. Customers have many more appealing things to do with their time than deal with the traditional, time-consuming, labor-intensive process of moving. Blue Planet Storage makes this process easier by delivering portable storage to a customer's door. Once filled, boxes are then picked-up and transported to the storage center and retrieved at the customer's request and delivered to their door.

Blue Planet Storage is part of a $40 billion dollar a year moving and storage industry that has seen significant growth over the last two decades with no signs of slowing down. Blue Planet's evolutionary approach is changing the shape of this industry as more and more customers make the best choice: BLUEPLANETBOX (tm).

Blue Planet thanks you for your interest. Watch this site for upcoming announcements and opportunities. Storage units are not available for rental at this time.

Please visit our main site at BluePlanetOffices.Com for full information on the various services and products offered by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. together with franchise and investment opportunities.

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