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The Blue Planet Box is a low cost access control system ($19.95 or $39.95 w/KeyBox) for elderly, homebound, disabled, or children left home alone, and others to allow access by caregivers, household employees, others without giving out actual keys.

Most importantly, it allows emergency access by first responders including EMTs, fire and police. It allows emergency access without the fire department having to destroy your door or iron gate to gain entry and saving precious time. You can easily change codes and the kit allows changes of 20 codes and 4 separate groups of caregivers. It also includes 8 cards for temporary access (for a single code) and a sheet of cards layout you can photocopy to create more.

Key Box and Entry Tag This system is more secure and much cheaper than giving out keys to caregivers (and later changing locks or forgetting to do so). It is certainly more convenient than having to get keys made, giving out keys and then forgetting who you gave them to. You are likely to ask for a key back and the person will claim they don't have it and already gave it back. This system will save you from all of those problems. The design of the system lets you use it for years before it needs to be replaced.

If you do not need caregiver access, we have a smaller, simpler and less expensive system ($12.95 or $32.95 w/KeyBox) intended for emergency access for first responders for homeowners that have iron bars and gates that will impede rescuers. Click the Blue Planet Gate KeyBox for more information. This product is available with or without the actual keybox.

The Gate KeyBox also provides emergency responders with additional information you can enter into a form on our secure site such as the number of people living in the house, their general descriptions and medical needs, pets in the home, information on hazards such as chemicals in a garage, or vehicles that might be in the garage (with gasoline), location of propane tanks, generators, storm/fallout shelters, electrical panels, gas shutoff, and other information to save your and your family's lives and protect those of first responders. You can also upload a floor plan of your home and/or map of larger or rural property. There is no address or personally identifying information stored or available online to compromise your security or privacy.

Key Box with entry tag Kits with two KeyBox's are available for front and back doors, or in the case where your property has a locked gate and a front door.

More Details About the System:

In addition to 20 access cards, Master Access Codes and instructions, plus the KeyBox, you receive a heavy duty laminated (10mil) plastic card which includes your Client ID, the QR-code which takes smart phones directly to your dedicated page. It includes the actual URL, and contact telephone numbers for Blue Planet Security's Emergency Call Center. It includes 20 numbers to allow you to punch out numbers to cancel that code. In this way caregivers can quickly figure out the current KeyBox combination. Emergency Personnel go to your web page or call us and provide your Client ID from the card and the first number that is not punched. From that, we can quickly provide them with the combination for the KeyBox.

This card has a hole punched into it and a brass/steel grommet inserted and locked into position by a punch press. The card is attached to the lock's cable by a 6" stainless steel cable with screw ends. It is impossible to pull the tag off of the lock using human strength, thus is resistant to vandals. We place the QR-code and other critical information on the tag rather than the KeyBox itself because it is easier to read and scan that way. We sell kits without the keybox and most keyboxes are impossible to turn around to see anything on the reverse as they are attached to the doorknob with an inflexible steel shackle. Also, many do not have enough space for the QR-code on the sides and we would have to make multiple types of labels for the boxes which is simply not practical.

emergency key box and entry tag The label on the KeyBox is printed in color and is intended to get the attention of emergency personnel so that they can see there is a keybox and there is a system for them to quickly get the key from the box.

For more details and the FAQ, Please Visit our Operations Detail Page.

About the QR-code:

The QR-code we use is different in important ways from the competition and similar products.

Illustrated in a medical alert bracelet with a QR-code. Here is the problem with that bracelet. It is engraved into metal with a laser and black powder is melted to give the image contrast. This is not cheap. The real problem is that the QR Code only takes the EMT to the companies web site. It is not possible to engrave every bracelet different to allow the smart phone reader application to take the EMT right to that client's information. The EMT then has to type in the long customer number (like they have that many customers) and then the pin. This is not efficient and is time consuming. Type one character wrong and you have to start all over.

The QR-code on this bracelet is also VERY small. This makes it more difficult to read and more difficult to read reliably. Because it is engraved into metal, contrast is a problem. These problems only increase in bad lighting conditions and at night.

Our QR-code is custom produced and takes the phone right to your dedicated page. It is large, 1.5 x 1.5 inches printed in black against a white background which means it is easy to read. The URL to your page is printed right under the code, which can be typed in if necessary. You might have heard that QR-codes can store up to 4,000 bytes or characters of information. That is true, however, the down side is that the more information is stored, the less reliable reading the code becomes. The code becomes more dense and any error in reading it makes it fail to work.

Competitors We believe in keeping it simple. Our URL is 4 characters and the extension: Adding the necessary web info, it is The "s" indicates the page is encrypted by 256-bit SSL. Each customer code is only 4 characters, all in the format of lower case letter, number, lower case letter, number. The letters are never capitalized or UPPER CASE. We have two websites to support our KeyBox system. They are and These websites are SSL secure. They are located in different parts of the country, on different ISP's and some of the backbone connections are different. We engage a very reliable paid service that handles DNS (Domain Name Service) and automatically balances traffic between the sites and if one site fails or is otherwise not accessible it directs traffic to the accessible site. If both sites were down which is virtually impossible, emergency personnel trying the QR-code can simly telephone us directly to get the access code. Keep in mind that there is going to be more than one responder showing up. Most cities also dispatch police along with EMT and fire department responders, so there are multiple people available to attempt all contact methods.

Please visit our main site at BluePlanetSecurity.Com for full information on the various services and products offered by Blue Planet with re-sale opportunities.

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